Our 2015 PCT Class Video is Amazing!

Over the past 10+ years, there has been a tradition of creating a class video for each year of PCT hikers.  For 2015, over 200 people sent in over 13,000 pictures and videos and Ratatouille spent over 100 hours putting this all together.  Many thanks to Ratatouille for doing such an amazing job!  It was great to see trail family again and I was glad to see many of my photos made the cut.  Enjoy this slice of hikertrash life!


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  1. You made the last scene before the credits, awesome! My co-worker is in the snow scene at 11:06 mark.

    • I made it into a bunch of scenes but it’s hard to catch everyone because the pictures switch so fast. I’m going to have to watch it a few more times to see everyone.

      I definitely never met your coworker. Did you ever find out his trail name?

      • Never did get his trail name. I saw you at the Cali/Oregon line and the last scene. Some of those bears were closer than I would have wanted to be. The one pic of the mountain lion was great!

        • I had to go back and watch again on my laptop so I could pause it easily. I am in 11 scenes, and took 12, with some overlap (timer/tripod). You can see me at:


  2. This is awesome!! I watched bits and pieces, but I can’t believe how much effort had to go into this. Does someone really do this every year???

    And thanks, like I needed more desire for hiking the PCT!!

  3. why the citation ?? .. what did you do wrong?

  4. Where’s Ratatouille now? His series of podcasts on the PCT in 2015 showed superior insight and exceptional broadcast journalism talent. But after this “2015 class video” he completely disappeared and doesn’t answer inquiries. I’m hoping he will get active again on podcasting; as he never quite finished up his series in 2015 (lessons learned about hiking, about life) would he do it again, etc. etc. I suspect he has retired from hiking which is too bad for us. Could he please update his website from time to time and tell us how to reach him?

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