My name is Kristin McLane and I am an outdoor adventurer, thru hiker, wilderness guide, Leave No Trace Master Educator, brand ambassador, gear tester, writer, and speaker. I love being outside, trying new things outside, and encouraging others to get outside too.  The more people get out and enjoy our natural world, the more they’ll become invested in protecting it.

This all started when I thru hiked the Appalachian Trail in 2013.  My mini retirement continued afterward, which allowed me to do a lot more outdoor activities!  I thru hiked the Pacific Crest Trail and the John Muir Trail in 2015.  I am in the midst of section hiking several other trails – the Colorado Trail, the Long Trail, and the Trans Adirondack Route – for which thru hikes were interrupted for one reason or another.  I also enjoy climbing, cycling, and paddling, and I thru rafted the Grand Canyon in 2016.  I’ve been fortunate enough to explore many diverse parts of the U.S. in my quest for new adventures.  I am currently based in Vermont, where I have fairly easy access to the Green Mountains, the White Mountains, and the Adirondacks.

I was given my trail name, Siren, because I like to sing while I hike. I enjoy a good mountain ballad, especially a murderous one, so let me know if you can point me towards a unique song to learn. And if you have any questions about the trips I’ve been on or the gear I’ve used, just ask!


Sample speaking topics:

Leave No Trace Outdoor Ethics
Thru Hiking the Appalachian Trail
Thru Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail
Intro to Backpacking
Lightweight Backpacking
Women and Backpacking

Some places I’ve presented include a Lions Club, a high school outdoors club, an elementary school girls’ club, and REI.  If you’re interested in hearing about it, I’m interested in talking about it!  Contact me to schedule a talk.


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