I didn’t want to leave our private oasis but I knew it was back to the aqueduct today so I was on trail early. We had more flat walking for a while as we entered a wind farm and it was hot very early. The windmills were mostly still, with just a few lazily spinning. I could see the reflective umbrellas of hikers ahead and behind as we got back on trail from the dirt roads and started to climb.


I made it to Tylerhorse Canyon just before lunch and the creek there is actually flowing still, although it’s a very small amount and the water was lukewarm. There wasn’t any apparent shade at the trail but I followed another small trail downstream and found one large tree with lots of flat space available in its shade so we all moved down there for siesta.

With the breeze, it was actually cool enough under the tree that I had to put my jacket on. It was very deceptive because it made me think I should be hiking when I knew the sun was too hot. Eventually some cloud cover moved in as well.

I got moving again at 4:00, taking only two short breaks before finding a flat spot in a small saddle just before dark to cowboy camp in. 20.6 miles for the day.


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  1. 20 miles. Nice!! Cowboy camping is great for stargazing. 🙂

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