Ash Camp

There was even more smoke visible this morning so I hurried to the next dirt road and checked the online map again. Nothing new. It was just weird to see since there was no wind to be carrying it close. It was mostly haze though, and we’d be walking right into it. There should’ve been good views of Shasta all day, but I could barely see it through the smoke.


I found both thimbleberries and gooseberries today. Thimbleberries are like raspberries, but shallower. Gooseberries are covered in spikes, and so are the bushes they grow on. I got pricked a bunch just trying to get a berry off and I threw it in my hipbelt pocket to eat later. By the time I got around to it, the heat had softened the spikes some and I was able to peel off the outer layer to eat the inside. Delicious!

We stopped and ate dinner at Deer Creek with a deer. That thing would not leave. One time Stretch did scare it off, but it came back after a few minutes.


We made it to Ash Camp just before dark, a car campground. I always hope for hot dogs if cars are going to be around but no dice. It was a tiny camp, and only one car was there. There was a privy, but it had a sign on the outside warning that bats may be present in the vault. Awesome.

We found a campsite upwind from the privy and set up camp. The ground was too hard for me to get stakes in so I am cowboy camped. It is pretty warm out but I have my sleeping bag on to keep the mosquitoes off. It’s going to be a hot night.

23.8 miles today.


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  1. Aww deer friend!

  2. Poop bats

  3. Heard from a friend traveling through last week that there was no snow cover on Shasta. Must be warm!

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