We had another awesome meal at Elmer’s for breakfast and learned that the house has some ghosts too, pretty cool. We cleaned up to check out and decided to come back for Trail Fest this weekend so we booked a room back at Elmer’s for Saturday night. We left our packs there to run some errands in town then grabbed lunch at the diner. The pizza I ordered was bigger than I was expecting so I ended up carrying half of it out.

While eating lunch, it started to pour really hard, and I already was having a hard time wanting to leave Hot Springs, so we started debating other options. Birdman happened to be outside and he has derailed several people into Asheville already and I was hearing good things about the town so I started pushing for that. Really it all works out better because then we wouldn’t need to worry about a ride into Hot Springs for the fest again, it puts us in Erwin after on a weekend so we can go rafting, and we’d get to check out a cool town and go rock climbing. Perfect!

Meanwhile the rain has stopped and it’s beautiful out but Birdman was already taking Noke into Asheville so we hopped in the car too. We dropped our stuff at his house then walked around downtown, checking out a couple of bars on the way. It’s a big brewery town but I’m not into beer so I can’t say much about that. At one bar we played pool and darts – I was terrible at pool but not too bad at darts, my team won! Then we headed over to a bar with an old time jam going on to meet a musician friend of a friend and hung out there for a while. Fun night!





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  1. I see you found some mountain men. 🙂

  2. You’re getting quite a good tan! Sounds like you’re having a blast, too. Have a great time at Trail fest (the hula hoop workshop looks interesting….)!

  3. hey Asheville is a great area good music great food nice people

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