Back to Seattle

Swami rode his bike to meet us this morning, and we got a quick tour of some downtown neighborhoods in the search for breakfast. At noon, we said goodbye and picked up a rental car to head back to the States. For some reason, all the buses had been sold out today (and the train was not running due to a bridge being out), but the car was surprisingly only $50 to cross a border and leave it at a different location.


The border crossing went quickly, despite our suspicious appearance of four people from four different parts of the continent, and no record of us entering Canada. We got down to Seattle and dropped off One Step to stay with another hiker and go back to do a Washington section of trail he missed. Then it was back to Susie and Dave’s for dinner. Susie had rounded up some other cousins for me to meet and it was a great time.


Thanks again, Swami and Grace and Ale, and Susie and Dave!


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  1. Surprised they let you back in. 🙂

  2. I’m not confident in our borders! 🙂

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