I went down to the Banff Mountain Film Festival on its World Tour in Lebanon, New Hampshire, last night, and saw some more fantastic mountain movies.

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Danny MacAskill: The Ridge
Danny MacAskill is a world famous bike rider and he takes to his home country of Scotland for this short film. Watch it here.

Vasu Sojitra: Out on a Limb
Vasu Sojitra lost a leg to amputation as a baby, but he has not let it stop him from participating in sports. This backcountry skier climbs the mountains on his own in addition to racing down them. Watch it here.

Cerro Torre – A Snowball’s Chance in Hell
David Lama wants to be the first person to free climb Cerro Torre in Patagonia and his previous award winning climbing career and youthful arrogance doesn’t let him see any obstacle to getting it done. The first year he’s shut out by the weather. The second year, he aid climbs it. And in the third year, he finally free climbs it. Watch the trailer here.

And Then We Swam
My favorite adventure is the kind where the participants really have no business doing what they’re doing. But they get obsessed with an idea, they collect the equipment if not the skills, and they go for it. These two British men decide to row 3,500 miles across the Indian Ocean, never really having rowed before. They make it most of the way in the boat. Watch the trailer here.

Sun Dog
Who doesn’t love a mountain dog? This one is clearly thrilled to be out running the slopes as his person skis. Watch it here.

Into the Empty Quarter
Alastair Humphreys calls up Leon McCarron to see if he wants to recreate Wilfred Thesiger‘s 1940s 1,000 mile desert journey, and of course he does. The environment is slightly different seventy years later so it’s about half road walk, and half sand walk, pulling a giant cart most of the time. Watch the trailer here.

Paragliders sail through Greece and France, sometimes alone in the wilderness, and sometimes interacting with the towns they are flying over. It is just beautiful. Watch it here.