I love Banff!  I try to see the World Tour every year and this year I made it to a Burlington show.

Max Your Days
This is a fast moving, multi-sport adventure film with a great soundtrack and nonstop energy.  I loved it!  Watch the full film here.

Climber Angie Payne joins Mike Libecki in the French Polynesian jungle to climb a crazy, muddy tower in awful weather.  This is one of the best sufferfests I’ve seen.  Watch the trailer here.

The Perfect Flight
Not your average falconer, Shawn Hayes rescued a falcon as a kid in LA and it sparked a lifelong passion of training and hunting with falcons.  Watch the trailer here.

A few guys skateboarding on a frozen beach in Norway as the tide comes in.  The landscape and the tricks are both beautiful.  Watch the trailer here.

Fours Mums in a Boat
The announcer joked that this film was in the category, “Everyday British People Getting in Over Their Heads,” but that might as well be an actual category and it is my favorite one.  With an average age of 47, four British women who have never rowed a boat before decide to start training to cross the Atlantic. Watch the full film here.

Combine musicians, dancers, and acrobats, with BASE jumpers, highliners, and other adrenaline seekers, and you get the Flying Frenchies.  The edit shown involved each member of a band swinging from their own bungee cord while playing music.  Watch the trailer here.

Ruin and Rose
The short edit of this film had some just incredible skiing in it.  In looking for the film, I found out that there’s a much larger topic at play.  Watch the trailer here.

Ace and the Desert Dog
Ace Kvale planned a 6o day backpacking trip for his 60th birthday, leaving right out his front door in the Utah desert.  Ghengis, his blue heeler, joined him for the whole thing, and we get to see the trip through both of their eyes.  Watch the full film here.

The Accord
Icelandic surfers constantly battle the North Atlantic Wind, personified by a large bearded drunkard.  The whole movie looks frigid, but beautiful.  Watch the trailer here.

The Super Salmon
Fish #241 was a salmon that was fitted with a GPS tracker in order for scientists to study salmon on the Susitna River of Alaska while determining if a dam could go in.  This particular fish went on an unbelievable journey upstream.  Watch the full film here.