We got started pretty well this morning and made it over some more rock scrambles, the Eastern Pinnacles and Cat Rocks. Then we took a really long break at Fitzgerald Falls, another break shortly after that, another break at the road. Hiking was fine but motivation was low. We realized none of us had slept in a real bed in a while and we decided to take a mental health zero and get some bed and television time in.

The road we were on did not lead to any towns in our guide so we tried to figure out what was coming up. With the dog traveling with us, we need to find a motel that allows pets, which is rare now that we’re in the north. All motels are much more expensive than they used to be also. We weren’t having any luck so we started trying to figure out if we knew anyone in the area that could help us out. Finally, another hiker mentioned Uncle Buck would be there later to drop off packs for some hikers he was slacking and we realized we could go anywhere!

We called Uncle Buck and made arrangements to get back to Warwick where the motel allows dogs and has laundry and is near a library. He showed up at 5:00 but the hikers whose packs he had weren’t there yet so we decided to go get Mexican food for dinner while we waited. We got back to the trail just before the other guys, got rid of their packs, and got dropped off at the motel. We watched some Duck Dynasty for a little while before hitting the hay.

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Written by Siren

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