I had originally wanted to hike 29 miles for my 29th birthday, an idea I stole from CitySlicka, who had just hiked 40 miles on his 40th birthday when I met him in the spring. But since then, I’ve hiked 45 miles in a day, so I didn’t really need to see if I could do 29, and also there was a drive-in movie theater that allows hikers to walk in and camp at only 17.3 miles away so I decided to do that instead.

We left Unionville late but enjoyed the varying trail today. Some of it reminded me of older trail, not too rocky but with actual climbs, some of it was rocky, and some of it was boardwalks through marshes and swamps. When we got to Warwick, we (three hikers and a bigger dog) got a hitch right away from a couple that was in two separate cars, each with their own big dog. They dropped us off at the drive-in, which was already filling up, so we went next store to the grocery to resupply real quick before the movies started, where I got mistaken for homeless for a second time.

I have a new shirt, so that’s not all holey any more, and I thought I looked relatively clean, but I was sitting outside with Riner, Little Bear’s dog, and the packs while Stretch and Little Bear were shopping when an older lady came up and asked me if Riner was a homeless dog. She wanted to know if he needed any food or flea collars or anything. I tried to explain that we weren’t homeless, we were hiking, but she didn’t seem to see the difference. It was very nice of her to be concerned though.

We got to see Wolverine and 2 Guns. There were actually three screens and we needed to switch screens in the middle but the two movies ended up overlapping so we were a bit confused during the beginning of the second movie until we figured out what had already happened. After the movies, Stretch and Little Bear pulled out a cake and sang to me. Great day!





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  1. Happy birthday, a day late!

  2. Sounds like a great birthday DP. 🙂

  3. Kris,
    What a way to celebrate your birthday!!!

  4. sounds like you had a great day, have many more!

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