I woke up early and since the morning was pretty warm, got out of bed to eat my leftover pizza and read at the picnic table. Brian got up to go fishing and SlumberKat and Animal eventually got up as well.

It occurred to me I should book my bed at the hostel for tonight since it’s a holiday weekend and I quickly found out online they were full. I called to make sure and asked them to call me back with any cancellations. Even though I’ve been in town, I still needed a shower and laundry and wifi. Luckily they called back an hour later to say there was a double booking and they had a bed for me.

We eventually went into town for an amazing brunch at the Backcountry Cafe. Then we went over to Walmart for me to resupply and to look for tubes to float on the reservoir. They were switching over to fall stock already and didn’t have tubes but we were able to find some at another outdoor store in town.

We went back to Blue Mesa Reservoir, blowing up our donut tubes in the car on the way. We found some blue green algae there so that meant Scout the dog couldn’t go swimming with us. A ranger said it was okay so we still went in but didn’t stay as long as planned. It was fun though, and the three of us also tubed in Bishop on the PCT.

After drying out, we went back to Gunnison once again and went to Powerstop, a gas station/burger joint, for early dinner.

They dropped me off at the Wanderlust Hostel, where I was happy to finally shower and do laundry and go to bed early to catch up on sleep.