I loved this book by the Mountain Marching Mamas. Starting out with a group of six women, eventually five made it through over twenty years of section hikes to complete the trail. The book switches back and forth between all the women as they go through little vignettes of different parts of trail life. Their stories are categorized according to things like fear, vanity, joy, animals, and how to. It’s nice to get a different take on each of these and other items from the different hikers and you can see how each personality deals with things. They seemed to be very upbeat as a whole and did their best to make it through the entire 2,000+ miles together while having a good time. Even as they were scattered around the country in their home lives, and various personal issues cropped up, they each made it a priority to get together and hike a section every year. I admire their resolve and by all accounts they had a fantastic time.