While I don’t plan on going ultralight on my thru-hike, I will be lightweight. I’ve been upgrading my gear / paring down what I pack and I think I’m in a pretty good place so far. This book by Mike Clelland will help me to get my pack weight down even a little bit farther. It provides great tips on gear, but more importantly on skills. Having more advanced backcountry skills is what allows people to still be comfortable and safe with a light pack. After all, gear is only as good as the knowledge you have to put it to use. And with more knowledge, you can get away with less or lighter gear. I will have to put some of these tips to the test before striking out on a thru-hike with them but I will definitely be taking away much from this book. Clelland doesn’t mention much gear specifically by name, as that would quickly outdate the book, but I know just what type of stuff he is talking about to look into.