Carson Pass

I packed up wet again, but at least it was not raining. Until 8:00, that is, when the storms started yet again. After a few hours, it turned into just rain, without all the lightning and hail, but it still was not conducive to taking breaks.

The rain stopped just before lunch time, and when I saw a tiny patch of blue sky, I stopped to eat early just in case it got worse again. I was able to continue hiking for a little while after that without rain gear on, but the rain did come back in late afternoon.



I kept slogging through, with plans for an even bigger mile day than yesterday, when we got to the Carson Pass Information Center. It had a porch with some hikers already set up on it so I decided to stop there after 23.7 miles.

There was a sheltered porch and a privy, but no water source. I collected some rain water in my pot to cook with and changed into dry clothes. It took a little while for my hands to work since they were so cold, but after eating a hot meal, I was fine.


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  1. Hope plenty of sunshine came your way after the past few days.

  2. Even in the rain it looks pretty! Hope you have more sun!

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