Ceres Park

Yesterday I did a hike through Ceres Park. I had the idea that I would go through on each trail and map it since I haven’t been able to find any trail maps. What I discovered is that there are tons of side trails and connecting trails, most trails are not marked, and the markings seem to peter out and start up again randomly. Instead I just tried to go over as many of the trails as I could on one side of the park. I still didn’t get them all. Next time I will head in a different direction.

Total distance: 5.7 mi
Max elevation: 153 ft
Min elevation: -42 ft
Total climbing: 588 ft
Average speed: 2.7 mi/h
Total Time: 02:08:26

It was a sunny and cool morning. I saw plenty of people out using the trails, either running, walking, or biking, but I also had plenty of time where I didn’t see anyone and could enjoy the quiet. I came across a few streams where bridges were out and I was able to cross one on some logs. I also walked around Emerald and Cedar Lakes, which would be called small ponds in any other state, but Jersey likes to dream big. The park is a great resource that I can’t believe I haven’t explored before now.




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  1. Enjoy all of your posts.

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