Everyone was moving slowly this morning after the late night. There weren’t any fords listed in the guide today so I put plastic bags on my feet over my socks to keep them dry and separate from my soaked shoes. When I headed out, I got a little lost on the side trail and ended up in a flooded area where water got into my shoes and the bags. So I had wet feet before even getting back on the AT. Awesome.

It was very cold this morning but it really warmed up during the day. I was down to short sleeves going over the five mountains we hit: Barren, Fourth, Third, Columbus, and Chairback. It was 15 miles to the river, with a short side trail to the parking lot. I did the last mile or so in the dark and was excited to find pizza waiting! It was cold but still delicious. Apparently Hotspot had asked Whisper and Papa Bear to pick it up and he sponsored the pizza party. Thanks, Hotspot!

5 days and 84.2 miles to go!



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  1. Hi Kristin,
    Your posts have kept me entertained and awe struck all these months. What a mammoth undertaking. You’ve done it (just about). Can’t wait to see you at the woodshop jamfest. Walking 15 miles a day seems like a high price to pay to eat ice cream and pizza all the time and still lose weight. Congrats!! In advance.
    Joe Kingston

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