It took until almost 5:00 to escape town so we only made it 4.6 miles to the first shelter, Clarks Ferry Shelter. There was a two mile town walk on the trail that was brutal. It’s always so hard to leave town when it’s hot because it feels miserable out with all the hot pavement and lack of shade, so no one wants to hike. But really once you’re in the woods, it’s so much cooler and better!

I was hanging around initially to be able to use the Doyle’s computer when they opened up at noon to do some final gear reviews. People kept coming into the bar to hang out, which is always distracting. Then Stretch wasn’t feeling well so I finally found someone with a car to lend me to get her to a pharmacy and a nicer motel.

Rambles and I hiked out and up the hill (there is always a hill out of town). We ran into a few other escapees at the shelter but a lot of people are still stuck. I made myself eat dinner even though I wasn’t at all hungry, then I set up my tent for an early bedtime. It is very hot in my tent so hopefully it cools off soon and I can get a good night’s sleep and an early start tomorrow. I took some benadryl because the back of my hand is pretty swollen from a freak mosquito bite so maybe that will help me get to sleep too.