My ear plugs blocked out most of the road noise and the train went by frequently but didn’t bother me too much. What did have me waking up with a start multiple times was the truck pull-off nearby that I was unaware of before going to bed. I surprisingly still felt rested this morning though.

My guide told me the garden center opened at 7:00 and I was planning on grabbing a quick shower before getting on the trail but it turned out they didn’t open until 9:00. I debated waiting but I was planning on meeting friends in Kent later and didn’t want to be late so I skipped the shower. Later I was able to clean up real quick in the Ten Mile River before meeting Kevin and Gerry at Bulls Bridge Road.

We went into Kent and stopped at the outfitter so I could pick up some packages. I also wanted to grab a water repellency treatment to use on my rain jacket since it doesn’t seem to be waterproof any more, but they were all out so that will have to wait until the next outfitter. Next we went to the laundromat to start laundry before running to the grocery store to resupply, back to the laundromat to switch it, then on to dinner.

We had excellent paninis and gelato at a cafe and enjoyed sitting in the shade outside. It’s a pretty swanky little town and apparently Kevin Bacon lives there. Unfortunately, I did not see him, but that would have made a great trail story.

Eventually I had to get back on the trail so they dropped me off and I did a few more miles, crossing into Connecticut, and arriving at a campsite right next to a stream. I bought new batteries for my headlamp but it’s still not working so I made sure I got here in daylight to be able to set up. Jungle Jym rolled in a little while later so we hung out a while before he set up camp too.

15.1 miles today in addition to four hours in town. Thanks, Kevin and Gerry!



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  1. So proud of you!! I can’t believe you’re in CT now šŸ™‚

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