Cougar Creek Fire Detour

Bill and Eileen dropped us off in town this morning, where we split up for rides to different roads. I joined eight other hikers in Gary’s truck. He keeps a couch in the bed for just such an occasion. Half of us got off at the beginning of the fire closure to walk the detour, and the rest continued in the truck to skip the section.


It was a road walk, but only about a third of it was paved, with the rest being dirt and gravel. There was a surprising amount of traffic on the forest roads due to people going home from camping over the holiday weekend.


It took all day to walk around but we finally got back to the trail, and a little ways up it, just before dark. 25.1 miles total. It was a beautiful day and I was back to shorts and rolled up sleeves for most of it. Meanwhile, yesterday was record breaking cold, beating an almost sixty year old low temperature for that day. Two day town stop justified.

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  1. Yes. So glad you were somewhere warm that night. 🙂

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