Today was a very relaxing day, spent hiking alone and resting by creeks. Second breakfast was at White Rock Creek, lunch was at Lacey Creek, second lunch was at Mules Ear Creek, and pre-dinner was at Pass Creek.

Towards the end of lunch, I noticed one dark cloud, but decided it was a fluke of my sunglasses. As I started up the hill though, thunder boomed. The cloud was still there, but I could see blue all around it. I kept going since I was in trees, but there was more thunder and some lightning for a while. Eventually it started raining a little bit, like I was on the edge of the cloud. I just went faster and was able to get away.


I dry camped after 26.3 miles and it’s just a short run into town tomorrow.


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  1. 26 miles. Getting it.

  2. I love dark clouds!

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