I spent most of today going up and am now camped at 9400′ after 13.7 miles. I’m trying to ease my way into elevation by camping a little bit higher every night. So far, no problems.


I met my first thru biker today. Mountain bikers can do the whole route except for a few detours around wilderness areas since bikes are not allowed in those. He expects it to take him two weeks. He also told me that a lady who I saw hike by me last night is trying for a speed record of 11 days. I can’t even imagine going that fast as I plan for my hike to take four times as long.


When I stopped for lunch, I noticed some dark clouds gathering and started hearing thunder. It seemed to be staying on the next ridge over for a while. When it finally started sprinkling on me, I stopped to put rain gear on, and of course the sun immediately came out. It stayed nice for a few more hours and then got cloudy again as I approached camp.

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There are a couple of LASHers (long ass section hikers) camped with me at the Craig Creek Headwaters in the Lost Creek Wilderness. I was able to set up camp, make dinner, and hang out for a while before it started raining. It’s just light rain though and will hopefully be done by morning.

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