Day 8 – Tenmile Range

I took the bus back to Frisco this morning, then hopped a second bus to the trail where I’d gotten off at Tiger Run. I was pretty slow moving since the mileage for the day wasn’t too big. I went through some more clear cuts, which reminded me to stop and order the sun hat I wanted, climbed 1000′, came down a bit, then climbed 2500′.


Today was the first day where I really felt the elevation. I was breathing hard going up and over Tenmile Range, but it was also just really steep, so that could have been it. I reached a high point of 12482′, which is now the highest I’ve ever been. Previously that was Humphreys Peak in Arizona at 12333′.


I dropped 2600′ and the trail eventually came back in behind Copper Mountain Resort after 14.5 miles, where I got off to go back to Sherwin’s for dinner and some Reel Rocks films.


The trail is divided into 28 segments and I am done 7 of them. That works out to about a quarter of the mileage done as well. I’m making great time and I haven’t even sped up yet.


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  1. Loretta Lisowski August 11, 2014 — 7:49 am

    I’m so used to seeing white blazes – how is this trail marked?

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