Deception Lake

There was enough sunshine coming through this morning that I thought the day would turn out to be fine, but the mist started around lunchtime and continued for the rest of the day. It was not usually enough to even need my rain jacket but it was still annoying.


There were supposed to be two fords today, but one was easily crossed on rocks, and the other on logs. Water is plentiful here in Washington, but the sources are still low due to the drought.


I went over three passes today: Cathedral Pass, Deception Pass, and Pieper Pass. I stopped for dinner at Deception Lake, and it was early enough that I continued to the next campsite for a 23.2 mile day.

It is getting dark even earlier now so I need to start planning to be in camp before 7:30. I was a little after that tonight and needed my headlamp.

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  1. Eerie! I am happy I got to move you on the map today!

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