Dinsmore’s Hiker Haven

It rained off and on all night but luckily stopped by the time I got out of my tent this morning. There was a steep climb early on. It was only .6 mile long but it took me half an hour to get up. Soon after, I sat down and ate all the food I had left and had better energy for the rest of the day.

There was some sunshine coming through again this morning that made me hope for better weather, but once again, it disappeared by lunchtime and the mist returned. The trail was frequently steep, muddy, and rocky, so I moved fairly slowly.


When there was just a mile or two left to Steven’s Pass, the mist turned to light rain. I made it down to the lodge at the ski area before it got worse, meeting some friends for burgers and drinks after 14.7 miles.

Once Switchfoot came in, we hitched down to the local trail angels’ house, Dinsmore’s Hiker Haven. We found out the local cafe had shut down but Mom offered to make us some burgers for dinner. So generous!

They have a bunkroom set up in the large garage so I spent the rest of the night cleaning up and listening to the heavy rain on the metal roof.


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  1. Love the colors in that photo!

  2. This is one mighty beautiful pic!

  3. Great to catch up on the blog. Beautiful even with the gloom!

  4. Sending good weather vibes your way for the finish!

  5. I miss you!

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