Dorothy Lake Pass

There were two climbs this morning. I kept a good pace on the first one and then took forever on the second one. I’d only done 5.5 miles by the time I stopped for lunch and usually I do twice that.

There was a little bit of downhill next and I started to go faster, but I got stopped again by a ford. There was a log across farther downstream but I was told it had branches that grabbed at you so I just took my shoes off and went barefoot since it was shallow and not very rocky.

Once I got moving again from there, I really picked up the pace and started feeling great. It was very gradually uphill for many miles. I played music the rest of the day, which helped immensely. The albums were “Mermaid Avenue,” “Mermaid Avenue Volume II,” “Anna and Elizabeth” (about four times), and “Three Mile Stone.”


Biting flies joined the mosquitoes a couple of days ago so unless there’s a breeze, breaks are fairly short. Everyone looks like they’re insane because of all the random, sudden swatting and cursing. I wore my head net all day.


Right before I reached Dorothy Lake Pass at 9546′, I had to go for a quick swim in Dorothy Lake. There was a little sandy beach area where you could walk right in and the water felt amazing, so cool and refreshing.

I exited Yosemite at the pass and then stopped for dinner at a stream soon after. After dinner, we passed the 1,000 mile mark. Bugs were swarming there so photos were quick.


We saw a beautiful pink sky as the sun set and found a campsite right before dark. 21.5 miles today.


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  1. YAY! 1000!

  2. Nancy B. Smith July 12, 2015 — 6:10 am

    Kris, 1000 miles hiked is TOTALLY amazing! U are doing a great job!
    Love. Aunt Nancy

  3. Get it girl! 1,000!!!!

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