Eagle Creek

I don’t think it rained more last night, but the trees kept dripping, so my tent was soaked this morning. My sleeping bag was also wet with condensation. I packed them up wet and hoped for a sunny lunch to lay things out to dry.


The storms started at about 11:00, and for the next five hours, they just kept going: rain, hail, thunder, lightning. A lot of the seasonal streams were rushing with mud. The thunder just kept rolling and rolling, loud and long. Needless to say, there was no drying out of any gear.


When the weather is so crappy, there’s nowhere to take a break, so we ended up doing 25.6 miles today, camping at Eagle Creek. This isn’t like the Appalachian Trail, where if it rained, I could just get to a shelter or a town quickly to get out of it. Here, you just keep going.


I set up camp and found my sleeping bag was even more wet than when I packed it up this morning. Apparently my waterproof stuff sack is not waterproof.

Someone had a fire going at camp but I wanted to be in dry clothes so I got in my tent and stayed there. My sleeping bag is still warm, despite being wet.


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  1. Aww man. Sorry to hear about the sack not being waterproof. Big miles today. Way to just keep on going!

  2. What’s the best/biggest storm you’ve encountered so far? You missed some good ones in Jersey 😉

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