Erie Canalway Trail, Day 2

I was warm all night and woke up early. We didn’t plan to leave until 10 though, due to another short-ish day and meeting Ketchup back on the trail, so I stayed in bed until suddenly realizing it was 9 and we’d have to hurry to pack and eat and get out on time.

I had been hoping to get some oatmeal or other breakfast-type food at the camp store but no one was there when I went up so we had bars instead. We packed quickly while eating and were heading out just a few minutes after 10.

The forecast of east wind around 17, gusts up to 28, was technically better than yesterday, except it was a direct headwind. We felt it broadside heading back south to the trail, and then we headed straight into it all day. I am not a fan.

We met Ketchup back on the trail but couldn’t have as much conversation due to the wind. I mostly had my head down trying to push through.

It was cool to see a bunch of big cabin cruisers at Middleport and also coming up the canal shortly after.

I was excited to get to Medina for lunch, but mostly to take a break from the wind. We went to a pizza place Ketchup had been to before where they had a special of 2 slices and a 16 oz soda for $7.99. The slices each took up two paper plates. It was a great deal but I still had half a slice left when I could eat no more. I had to bring it with me for later.

We sat for a while to digest. I was a little worried about my stomach for riding but it turned out fine.

Leaving Medina, we stopped to see Medina Falls and then the Medina Culvert, the only place the canal goes over a road. It was built in 1823 and the one-lane tunnel underneath always has water seeping in. I don’t understand why that would be built instead of a bridge.

Our average speed today was only 8.4 MPH due to the wind and we had to work hard for that. I kept wanting to stop pedaling and rest my legs for a minute, but that’s a good way to come to a stop with a headwind.

Shortly before Holley, Ketchup had to turn back to head home. I envied him having the wind at his back.

We continued to Holley and met Kelly there. There was supposed to be a free Hiker-Biker-Boater campsite in the town park but we found lots of No Camping signs instead. We talked to the bridge tender and he said the town doesn’t want camping anymore and recommended we head past the town land to state land for the night. We went down and checked it out and found a flat spot for tenting, then rode back into town for dinner at the pub.

We had planned to leave Kelly’s car parked at the park too but she has to check in with the police department in the morning about a permit. They told her she could just park at the pharmacy overnight.

After dinner, she moved her car, we filled up on water from a container she had in it, then we went back to camp. We managed to set up just before full dark.

We played a little Farkle in the tent, trying to keep the light low to avoid drawing attention from the occasional traffic on the nearby bridge, and ultimately went to bed early. We did hear some deer jumping around nearby and snorting, probably very startled to find us there.

Just about 41 miles today.

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  1. I love reading about your adventures! The pictures are great. Looking forward to Day 3. Enjoy and stay safe.


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