We slackpacked again today, although only 10.7 miles, so we are officially in Erwin. We had already been staying here but now we’ve hiked here. We didn’t get started until about 1:30 as Miss Janet had some other shuttles to run this morning so we helped clean up her house a little bit in thanks for her many kindnesses while we waited. She had already taken Cannibal Curious and Sunshine out to the trail so we were surprised to see them come back. Sunshine had gotten sick as soon as they got there, despite feeling perfectly fine earlier. And another one bites the dust.

Stretch and Icarus and I were doing the slackpacking and it was very easy trail. It was a little eerie though as we didn’t see a single other hiker until the very end. It seems like everyone is sick in town, although Miss Janet said she didn’t collect any other sick hikers today. She picked us up at River Rd and we gathered up more hikers from various places and went to a Mexican restaurant for dinner, did our resupply at Walmart, then everyone went back to Miss Janet’s house, all 20 or so of us. Fun night.


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  1. Oh man. All these sicknesses sound awful. Stay healthy!

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