It took forever to get out of town today, despite our best intentions, so we were not back on the trail until almost noon. We still made the planned 20.2 miles before dark though. I’ve never consistently gone that fast all day but I was going at 3mph almost the whole time. The temperature dropped again last night and although it was chilly in town, it was perfect hiking weather: cool and sunny. Pretty breezy too but it felt great. The trail was on ridges all day, with not too many up and downs, so that combined with the weather is what made it possible.

I saw just a few mountain laurels finally blooming today, but I also was excited to see some lillies-of-the-valley, my favorite flower. We passed the 600 mile mark too but I completely forgot to stop for the marker in the campsite there since I was booking it. Finally, we got to go over a fun suspension bridge, although I was kind of hoping it’d be more rickety, made of ropes or something. It was very stable though.

It’s supposed to be in the 30s tonight, which I am happy about since I still have my winter sleeping bag and I’ve been sweltering at night the past week or so. We are camped near Dismal Falls, although I haven’t seen it yet. Will check it out in the morning.




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  1. Sue and I really enjoy reading your daily updates.Seriously,only 20 miles.Only kidding. Take care and be safe..

  2. Way to go cousin. Love reading about your hike.

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