Finally, Spring

This winter has been fun but I am so glad that it’s spring now. We had some almost 70° days already, so I got my bike out and ready to go last weekend, and then it snowed again. I knit up some bicycle helmet ear warmers while the snow was on the ground but it has thankfully melted and I’ll be able to get out on the bike this weekend. Winds can still be chilly though so the ear warmers will still come in handy.

I tried a lot of new things this winter:

  • Snowshoeing in NJ, UT, VT, NH
  • Skiing in PA
  • Mountaineering in NH
  • Ice climbing in PA
  • Camping on snow in NJ

I did try skiing once before about ten years ago. But I couldn’t figure out how to stop, and I thought that was a problem, so I never left the bunny hill. And I did wear snowshoes once at Ricketts Glen State Park about six years ago, but they really weren’t needed; I just wore them because I had already rented them.


I have winter camped before but it was always dry camping, no snow.


I would have liked to camp in a little bit more snow than I did, and build a snow cave to sleep in, but I didn’t get that chance. Maybe next winter! Otherwise I am quite happy with the amount of time I spent outside this winter, currently the second snowiest on record in my region. I’m hoping we stay at #2 and don’t get one more crazy spring blizzard to bump us up.

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  1. Loretta Lisowski March 24, 2014 — 8:17 am

    Loved Rickett’s Glen – hoping to go again in the fall one year for the foliage.

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