Fivemile Camp

It started raining lightly overnight and continued on and off for most of the day. I got a late start since I didn’t sleep very well last night and fell back asleep after my alarm.


I wanted to get big miles in again, and didn’t take many breaks. It actually helped that it was chilly and wet since I can’t sit around for long in that any way.


The trail was flooded in many parts, but not as muddy as it could have been in the rain. I wasn’t moving as fast as I did yesterday even so.


I did my last three miles in the dark. I had just been thinking how there hadn’t been any downed trees on the trail today, but a bunch showed up in the last few miles.

I did 26.3 miles into camp and had a late dinner.


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  1. The first picture is so creepy!!!

  2. Keep on keeping on! I am impressed with your perseverance with each post. As much as I want to be on the trails and experience the freedom in reality I am living vicariously through you. Thank you for posting the experiences of trail life.

  3. Cold, wet, muddy and shade. You finish the trail much different than the start. 🙂

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