The trail broke out of the woods today so I got some sun after a few hours of chilly hiking in the shade this morning. We entered the Goat Rocks Wilderness and it is so beautiful.

image image

We went over Cispus Pass at 6481′ and saw some mountain goats on the other side. They were hanging out farther along the trail, not too far above it, so I got fairly close.


I also saw Mount Saint Helens in the distance after the pass. I’m not sure how far away it is exactly. And there was a waterfall at the headwaters of the Cispus River. It was just a super scenic section.

We stopped to camp in time for a view of the sunset on Mount Adams. 20.7 miles for the day.


Written by Siren



Positively beautiful pics. You are lucky to a have some cooler weather. The East has been
oppressively hot and humid . Even my dogs do not want to go out or move away from my big wind machine fan. We finally got some pouring rain and slightly more tolerable temps today. Could never live in the South! You are in a fantastic place. The experience of a lifetime!


The consistent quality of your photographs is something to be very proud of Kristin. Really enjoy them


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