Greasy Creek

We got back on the trail about 9:30 today and it was muggy but otherwise nice weather. We stopped for second breakfast at Beauty Spot Gap and managed to mostly dry out our still soaked tents. Then it was up Unaka Mountain into the dense spruce forest, where I’m pretty positive Bigfoot lives, for lunch. At Low Gap, we ran into Surfer Dude, who showed us the ramps (wild onions) he had just picked. When we started hiking, we saw some too and picked a few to add to dinner. We ended up with trail magic for dinner instead though. Honey Badger and her mom had set up at Iron Mountain Gap and we didn’t get there in time for them, but they left the leftovers with Rob and Embassador, who fed us when we went through. Sodas and fruits and veggies and potatoes and cakes, it was delicious. We hiked up a little farther with intentions of camping at an apple orchard but since we still had plenty of light and now didn’t need to cook dinner, we kept going to Greasy Creek Gap for a total of 16 miles. Right now there is an owl making some weird noises as we go to bed.



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  1. So far Honey Badger wins for best trail name to me… Thanks for writing, I love reading about your adventures.

  2. Wow, what an awesome pic! Those ramps are strong.

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