Grizzly Peak

It was very cold and windy this morning so I had a very hard time getting out of my sleeping bag. I started hiking with almost all of my layers on, but soon dropped the extras as I was going uphill and mostly in the sun. Boy, did it get frigid on the shady side of the mountains though.

I went over Grizzly Peak at 5560′, a rare summit that the PCT actually goes over. The few other summits I can think of offhand that I went over were all on side trails. There was a great view of Glacier Peak from the top.


I stopped for an early lunch at Pear Lake and got out my tent to dry since I’d put it away soaked in condensation. I didn’t really take another long break for the rest of the day.


The trail followed the ridgeline over Wenatchee Pass, Saddle Gap, Cady Pass, Wards Pass, Dishpan Gap, and Indian Pass. There were a number of hikers walking nearby all day and I worried that we were all headed towards the same small campsite. Thankfully, there turned out to be a large meadow where the one small campsite was listed, and there was room for all.

It was pretty muddy for the last few miles into camp and I was sliding all over the place trying to get there ahead of people. 22.7 miles for the day.

A deer wandered through as I set up my tent and cooked dinner. She didn’t seem to care that we were there.



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  1. No slipping in the mud!

  2. Beautiful photos, Kris!

  3. Awww deer friend!

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