Hyatt Lake

I have such a hard time getting myself out of my sleeping bag when it’s cold. The mornings lately still haven’t been as cold as they were in Northern Washington, but they’re getting closer.

I got started at 8:30 and stopped a couple miles later at the South Brown Mountain Shelter for water. There’s a well there with a hand pump. A lot of the water sources in the southern half of Oregon have been dried up this late in the year so I’ve been doing regular 18 to 28 mile carries. That usually only works out to about three liters though, and I frequently have leftovers when I get to the next source.


It didn’t stay cold as long as it did yesterday. I hadn’t made half my miles by lunch time but still stopped early to eat. After, I ran into a couple of women finishing up their LASH (long ass section hike) and it was awesome to hang out with some other females, however briefly.


I startled a small herd of elk this afternoon.  They heard me first and started running, and I could just see their bodies passing through a small opening in the trees.  The hunter I’d seen five miles back hadn’t seen any sign of elk at all today.

I didn’t stop much in the latter half of the day and made it into Hyatt Lake Campground after 23.3 miles. They have a PCT hiker site with picnic table, hot showers, a hand dryer (helpful for drying hair also), and electrical outlets: just about everything I need. A restaurant would be nice but the one at the resort up the road is closed for the season.


It’s my last night on trail.


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  1. I hope it was a wonderful last night. Can’t wait to see you. 🙂

  2. Well planned, well strategized, well described, and fantastically well photographed. Thanks for the journey

  3. Yayyy!

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