I was up at 3:30 this morning and hiking by 4:30. It was pretty warm even without the sun. After sunrise, I ran into Nutella and Fancy Feet, two fellow AT 2013ers! I knew Nutella was starting a day ahead of me but I didn’t think I’d run into her this quickly.


A large group of us were headed to town for free pie. Unfortunately, too many of us got to the road at the same time and it took a little while to get a ride. People usually don’t like to stop unless they can help everyone, assuming we wouldn’t want to split up the group. But we will split up for rides!


Once in Julian, we all went directly to Mom’s Pies. They give hikers a free slice of pie with ice cream and it was delicious. We played Pass the Pigs and loitered out front of there for a while, then went down to Granny’s Kitchen for more food and loitering.


After lunch, we spent a while searching for a spigot to refill water bottles for the long dry stretch coming up, and most importantly for me, to wash my legs, feet, and socks. My heat rash definitely felt better hiking without direct sunlight on it today, and being able to really wash all the dirt off was awesome.

We finally headed back to the trail after 4pm after hanging out in the town park for a while. Hitching in smaller groups was easier but still took longer than I’m used to. The towns tend to be farther away from the trail out here so people are not necessarily going all the way past it.

I did 16.1 miles total today, and spent almost 8 hours in town. I plan on getting a very early start tomorrow as well and hopefully the heat rash will clear up even more if I can keep staying out of the afternoon heat.


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  1. I was loitering pretty hard in Great Barrington, MA with a bunch of 2013 thru-hikers the other day! Roosta, Barking Spider, and Stretch. A diner, milkshakes, and ruining things for everybody else. Just like old times!

  2. Pie and Pass the Pig. Sounds like an awesome time! 🙂

  3. Love that picture of the sunrise 🙂

  4. OH MY GOSH! Fancy Feet is from my hometown in Ohio and a good friend of mine! I brought her to the castle when she thru hiked in 2013 🙂 Ask her about the castle when you see her again hehe Tim knows her as well. Geesh small trail world!

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