I slept in a little bit and eventually made my way the 3.3 miles down to the road to Kent. I didn’t get to charge my phone much yesterday so I went back into town to do that and use the library. Once I was done on the computer there, I moved to the laundromat for charging so I could also make a few phone calls.

It says in my guide the laundromat is hiker friendly and we’re allowed to charge phones there and use the restroom, and I’d just been there yesterday to do laundry and it was fine. Apparently something had happened in the meantime though because there was now a sign on the door saying hikers aren’t welcome. I didn’t see it when I went in but when the owner eventually came in and saw me, I got kicked out. Awesome.

My stuff was almost charged any way so I started walking out of town but then I heard my name called from across the street. A bunch of hikers were hanging out behind a clothing store, where that owner allows us to camp for free. I joined them and decided to stay since the camping was in a clearing and it would have good viewing of the Perseid meteor shower tonight. We hung out in the yard for a while and eventually moved into the shed to avoid mosquitoes. I didn’t stay out too late since I want some sleep before my alarm goes off for the meteors later.



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  1. Are you going to explain the picture 🙂 Haha! So cool!

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