Kern River

The day started with a downhill stretch to Chimney Creek. It was still early and I hadn’t done much mileage yet but I ended up hanging out for over two hours. Let’s Party caught up there, and more people kept coming in to hang out with, so I never left. There was also a long uphill coming up next and I just didn’t feel like going up.


When I did leave, it was the time when I’ve normally been stopping for siesta. Because I’d been so lazy, I had to hike in the hot part of the day. It wasn’t that hot though, and the trail wasn’t that steep. I stopped again for a long lunch an hour later but I eventually made it up the hill and was able to go only down the rest of the day.


My feet were pretty sore when I got to the South Fork of the Kern River because I didn’t have time to take any other breaks the rest of the day and I realized I hadn’t put my feet up at all. I had heard there were campsites all along the river but there were definitely none when I first got there. I filled up on water just in case I didn’t get close to the river again before finding a campsite.


I found everyone in time to set up camp before dark. We are almost out of the the desert so The Animal did a celebratory song and dance she choreographed in her head the last couple of miles. It was fantastic.

22.2 miles today.


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  1. Jackrabbit!

  2. Take a video of the dance!

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