Live Free or Die

I have moved to New Hampshire for the winter! Yes, I went north instead of south. Heat is overrated.


Remember Tim and the castle from last winter? I am going to be setting up a website and some other organizational things for the castle, and running marketing and a crowdfunding campaign by the end of the season.


I am living on a mountain where I can walk right out the door to go snowshoeing, and I am surrounded by many other mountains in the area for more hiking and mountaineering. My goal is to do a Presidential traverse by the end of winter. That would involve almost 23 miles of hiking with almost 9,000′ of elevation gain, over three days and two nights. Luckily, I already have several friends in the area to get outside with.


It has been overcast or snowing the whole time I’ve been here so far but I’m hoping for some sun and bigger hikes soon.



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  1. Liking it! I had a red jeep just like that one. Beautiful pics. Is that your pup?
    Best wishes and “happy hiking”.

  2. Hey there! I am behind on all my blog reading, but I kept seeing all your NH Instagram posts and partial blog posts in my reader, so I had to come see what you were up to! Congrats on the move! I LOVED my winters in NH. Can’t wait to read more!

  3. We need an update on the castle! 🙂

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