Moosehead Creek

The temperature was down a few degrees today, but the trail was also back in the trees, which made it feel so much better. There were a few exposed areas but I was lucky enough that it was cloudy when I was going through those.

The sky was hazy today and we smelled smoke a little bit so Let’s Party posted online asking if there were any nearby fires we should be worried about. There’s a Facebook group for this year’s hikers that usually gets very quick responses so I soon saw a link to this map. No fires to worry about yet; the smoke just travels far. Being from the east coast, I’m not used to wildfires and don’t know much about them. But in addition to people posting any news quickly online, Party got to a road once and found a sheriff waiting to pull hikers off the trail when she was near a fire near Markleeville. So I guess I don’t need to worry too much. I’ll know if I need to get out.


I had a very long lunch today, in addition to a few other long breaks, so it was after dark when I got to camp at Moosehead Creek. 27.8 miles today.


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  1. Love the Lorax! 🙂

  2. I’ve been reading about the wildfires. I’d hope that most of the towns boredering the trail have emergency alert systems and they would have a siren (no pun intended) to alert you guys of danger?

  3. Be careful with those wildfires!

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