We woke up early but it was freezing and really windy so we huddled in our sleeping bags a little longer. We finally got the nerve to enter the cold, packed up quickly, and got moving. We were moving a little faster today in an effort to stay warm. I actually started hiking with all of my layers on, which is normally way too warm. My feet were cold and wet though since my shoes were soaked from yesterday.

As we went over Mount Moriah, every time we popped above treeline, the needles on the trees were encased in ice. It was an easier hike than yesterday though, and the last few miles especially were fantastic. We made it 8.1 miles to the road and hopped into the Chipmobile to go right to Pizza Hut to celebrate being out of the Whites. I finished most of my large veggie pizza there and took a slice for later.

The Chips dropped off Uke and me at the White Mountains Hostel. They have town clothes to wear while your laundry is being done so I picked out a mismatched pajama outfit to lounge in. After showering, I had my leftovers for dinner and then hopped in the shuttle to Walmart to resupply. My outfit fit right in there. Back to the hostel for movies and then bed.


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  1. Congrats on getting outof the Whites but glad you had good views on Mt. Washington. “My outfit fit right in there.” LOL

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