Mount Ashland

It was still very windy this morning. I’d been more than warm enough in my sleeping bag, but I had a very hard time getting out of it. I waited until the sun hit me before packing up.


My left foot has been hurting for a couple of days, but this morning it felt worse, so I took ibuprofen and went slowly all day. Most people were heading into town tonight, but I just wanted to get to the road to camp and go in first thing in the morning.


I talked to lots of friendly day hikers, and came across some coolers with trail magic sodas. I had dinner at a picnic table with faucet on private property. It used to be an inn, but the new owners still let hikers use it, which is very nice of them.


It was a very nice day and I made it 24.3 miles to camp.


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  1. Getting ready to spend the week near Scott Mountian summit at Camp U w my family, and while searching for smoke condo found your blog. Been enjoying this last 30 min detour onto the PCT.
    fubsy cooter

  2. You are doing great….Oregon, wow!! What an accomplishment. Way to go, Kristen

  3. Hope your foot feels better!

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