I was in New Hampshire again for the weekend and decided to do a quick hike of Mount Hale on my way home.  It’s a short hike and there’s no view at the summit so I didn’t bother seeing if anyone else wanted to hike with me.  It’s a notoriously boring mountain.

I got to the Hale Brook Trailhead on Zealand Road around 3:00, but it’s only 2.2 miles to the summit and there was plenty of daylight left, so a late start was fine.  I passed a few hikers coming down and stopped to chat with one who had a standard poodle.  I may have recently been looking into the best adventure dog breeds and a standard poodle came up for me because they don’t shed (I hate hair everywhere), I like the size (medium-large), they’re friendly but reserved (nonaggressive and won’t go running up to people on the trail), energetic but not hyper (long hikes are doable but not required daily), and they’re smart (good for training).  This particular dog seemed to confirm all of that.  Someday…

The trail started out easier, and as they usually do, got steeper without much delay.  About the middle third of the Hale Brook Trail was the steepest, with the top third easing up some.  There were several brook crossings on the way, but nothing difficult.

I reached the summit of Mount Hale at 4054′ and climbed up the giant summit cairn looking for a view.  I could sort of see the tops of a few mountains just over the trees.  I sat to have a snack and enjoy the cooler air for a bit before heading back down.

The way down was faster as I was eager to drive home in time for a late dinner.  I was surprised to pass a couple of hikers still climbing up, but there was plenty of daylight left for them too.

I now only have three mountains left on my NH48 and NE67 lists.  So close!