Mount Laguna

I guess I slept last night: I kept looking at my watch and seeing time had advanced, but with no memory of falling asleep or waking up, and I was wide awake each time I looked at it. I got out of my tent and on the trail before 8, with just a quick bar for breakfast. There was town food nearby.

It was only a few miles to the town of Mount Laguna and I made good time there on fresh feet. The Pine Creek Tavern was open already so I sat down with some other hikers for second breakfast. I had arrived earlier than planned so I still had over an hour before they started serving lunch once I was finished. I headed farther into town to wash socks and refill water at the visitor center in the meantime, then it was right back to the tavern for another meal.


There’s no camping allowed on the trail for the next ten miles or so after town so I committed to going at least that far before ending the day. It was mostly very exposed with great views: I’ve now made it over 6000′ in elevation.


My water sources today were all spigots, and I am camped with a bunch of other hikers at the Pioneer Mail Picnic Area. It seems a little breezy but still relatively warm.

I hiked 15.4 miles for the day and my feet started swelling for the last half of it. I have them raised now so hopefully they’ll be good in the morning.

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  1. Glad to hear you are finding water and town food. 🙂

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