Mount San Jacinto

I started in town at 5333′ of elevation this morning. More road walking, along with the Ernie Maxwell Trail and the Devil’s Slide Trail, got me back on the PCT at 8113′. Fire closure detour over. But then I got off the PCT again at 8977′ to take an alternate route over a cool peak. I topped out at the summit of Mount San Jacinto at 10834′. Then I took another trail back down to the PCT at 8959′. And I am now camped at 7748′. From the summit, I could see all the way to the valley floor where I will be tomorrow at 1133′. Crazy.


There was some snow around today, starting over 8000′. It was mostly small patches still in the shade, and it was rarely on the trail. It last snowed on Sunday but it has been very warm since.


Sunset coming down the mountain was spectacular. I didn’t have a clear view of it but pink and purple shafts of light were coming through the trees.

I did 18.7 miles and my feet are pretty sore. Taking the alternate route with the additional elevation gain did not leave me much time for breaks. As it was, I pulled into camp after 7:30 and ate dinner in the dark.


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  1. Snow!!

  2. I slept in that cabin on the summit with 4 other hikers and another dog (Oakley). We ate dinner on top during the sunset!

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