I met Hiker Box Special at Crawford Notch today and we hiked up Crawford Path to Mounts Pierce and Eisenhower. There’s a tradition in NH of hiking all forty eight mountains over four thousand feet tall. Then hiking them all in winter. Then hiking every one of them in each month of the year. And various other lists. Any way, HBS is working on his 4ks, and these were two of the four he had left: Pierce at 4312′ and Eisenhower at 4760′. It was about 9.8 miles total, and we climbed and then descended about 3000′. The day was absolutely gorgeous, my first clear day in New Hampshire. Blue skies all the way, and almost no wind, even above tree line. It was so sunny, I was down to just my shirt, no hat or gloves, and still hot. It was the perfect first big hike this winter! I’m going to have to figure out which 4ks I’ve done so far and start my own list…

DSC06923 DSC06927 DSC06928 DSC06931 DSC06937 DSC06941 DSC06942 DSC06947 DSC06949 DSC06952 DSC06954 DSC06955 DSC06956 DSC06959 DSC06963 DSC06964 DSC06965 DSC06966

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