New Jersey

I left PA today, finally. It’s the first state I’m actually happy to leave. It was overgrown, rocky, buggy, and hot, and I’m leaving it foot sore and covered in scratches, bug bites, and poison ivy. I am happy to say I made it out of Rocksylvania without falling once though. Lots of stumbles and slides, but no complete falls.

I felt good getting back on the trail this morning because I have a new shirt, socks, and insoles. The sore spots on my feet didn’t even hurt too much with the new socks and insoles, and also the rocks in NJ are not nearly as bad as the rocks in PA, where it’s said the locals come out to sharpen them at night. I had delayed getting back on the trail because it was pouring rain, but when the rain stopped just before lunch I got back out there.

The rain came back lightly off and on until I made it to the top of the hill and then it started pouring again. I stood under the very narrow roof of a bulletin board at the backpacker campsite for 45 minutes, then as the rain kept getting harder, decided to set up my tent for a while. I was much more comfortable waiting out the rain in there and it lasted another 90 minutes or so.

When it finally stopped raining, I was ready for a nap, and didn’t feel like packing up a wet tent, so decided to stay and hike out early tomorrow. I relaxed, reading and playing my mandolin for the rest of the day. Today counts as a nero because I did make 5.5 miles.


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  1. Welcome back to NJ!!

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