New York

It was raining when I woke up this morning so I checked the forecast to see if it was hanging around all day or stopping soon. My parents and youngest sister were planning on meeting me later to do some trail magic so I wanted to make sure they knew if it would be raining. It looked like it would stop in a couple of hours though. I waited in my tent because there’s no point in getting everything wet if you have a chance to be dry later. If it’s going to rain all day, you might as well get out and get wet though.

We got back to the trail a little bit before noon. It had started sprinkling again but the rain making it through the trees was negligible. The wooden boardwalks and rocks and roots on the trail were all wet though so I went slowly to avoid slipping. We soon passed over the NJ/NY border for the last time (we had been meandering back and forth for a couple of days) so I am officially in New York now, my ninth state.

After that I sped up to try to get to the road as soon after my family as possible. The rocks I had been warned about in the guide and assumed would be regular sized rocks on the trail turned out to be cliff walls and house sized boulders I had to climb over so it slowed me way down and I was two hours late getting to the road. My family had already set up and fed several hikers before I got there and we soon fed a few more. They had chili, apples, cupcakes, and sodas, and then left the extra sodas by the trail for later hikers. Thanks, Mom and Dad and Kelly!

It was great to hang out and they got going just before dark. We knew another difficult section was coming up before the next shelter and we wouldn’t make it in daylight so we backtracked a little bit to tent after only 9.5 miles.




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  1. Loretta Lisowski August 4, 2013 — 7:19 am

    You didn’t mention the “Stair Way to Heaven” up to the top of Wawayanda Mountain that is after the Vernon Valley boardwalks and just across Rt 94. Is the trail still going up there? The view you posted in “Birthday” looked like the southern view from the top of Pochuck Mountain just before the boardwalks.

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