Nice day

Today’s weather was perfect, partly sunny and a cool breeze all day. It felt like autumn this morning and had me considering getting the rest of my cold weather gear, including pants, back sooner rather than later. The trail was pretty nice for most of the day as well so I was able to get 20 miles in while still starting late and stopping in time to make dinner and set up camp over an hour before dark.

I crossed the Housatonic River a couple of times today and had a nice, long lunch break on a grassy lawn in the sun near Falls Village. There’s a hydroelectric plant the trail goes right past that has a building with an outlet and faucet/shower on the outside for hikers to use. I did not use the shower since I’ll be in town for a hot one tomorrow night but the outlet and drinking water were nice. I got my tent and a few other things out to dry in the sun while I sat there.

Later I went over Mount Prospect and saw the Giant’s Thumb, a rock formation, on the way down. There were a couple of short road walks at the bottom of the mountain and on one road, a lady pulled over and asked me if I needed a ride when I wasn’t even hitching. Connecticut has been mostly very nice. I said no thanks and continued on to grab a nice campsite near a small stream.






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  1. Loretta Lisowski August 14, 2013 — 7:24 pm

    Red eft! Looked all over Lake Como for one but couldn’t find any this year.

  2. Definitely a beautiful day! 🙂 Cute photos.

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