It rained overnight but was sunny in the morning. We wiped down the tent as best we could and packed it up intending to get it out to dry in some sun later.

There was a little bit of a climb to start the day, then some level and descending trail. We stopped earlier than planned for lunch at South Cottonwood Creek because it looked like storm clouds were rolling in and we wanted to be sure to eat before any rain. We were able to finish lunch and dry out the tent before the first rain drops.

It just sprinkled at first, then stopped. Then it rained for about an hour, then stopped for a half hour. We entered the Collegiate Peaks Wilderness and it rained for about another hour on our long, steep climb, then stopped for about a half hour right at the top at 11900′. I was excited to see the sun to dry my shirt out, but as soon as we were going downhill, I was too cold and had to put my jacket on. Then it started raining again, for about another hour again. We climbed and descended about 3900′ each today.

Today was the most I’ve been rained on on this trail. It did stop before we reached the bottom of the descent at 9300′ though. We were able to set up camp at North Cottonwood Creek after 15.6 miles, cook dinner, and get in bed by 7. It was too damp to hang out outside and I just wanted to be in my dry sleeping clothes in my quilt. It did rain again briefly so it was a good thing we were already under cover.

Today had the least percentage of rain in the forecast of the past few days (60%) and it rained the most. Meanwhile, yesterday was 90% and we only got a few minutes of sprinkles at the hot springs. I would have preferred to get rained on while sitting in the hot water there. Fortunately, the next couple of days should be all sun.